IS VPS Hosting An Affordable Hosting Solution?

Affordable Hosting Solution

Finding a reliable and secure hosting solution that offers excellent hosting benefits while also being easy on the pocket is highly important. Most small websites and businesses rely on a Shared Web Hosting solution. However, it isn’t a viable option for growing websites with increasing website traffic.

This is where VPS Hosting comes in. It’s a highly popular web hosting service owing to its secure hosting environment and affordability.

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) market is expected to grow at 16.2% CAGR and reach $8.3 billion by 2026. In this article, we’ll learn more about VPS Server Hosting and why it is an affordable web hosting solution.

What Is VPS Web Hosting? 

VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting hosts your website on a Virtual Private Server—offering guaranteed hosting resources with server isolation. It works on the principle of server virtualization—dividing a physical server into multiple Virtual Servers.

Thus, unlike Shared Server Hosting, VPS Hosting doesn’t expect you to share the server space and resources with other websites. Hence, your website can make the most of the available bandwidth and other resources and, as a result, experience high uptime, optimum performance, and faster page loading speed.

With VPS Hosting, websites are free from interruptions due to other websites’ resource overutilization and security vulnerabilities. In addition, the isolated server environment and VPS architecture offer a range of benefits and features at a more economical price than a Dedicated Server.

What makes VPS Hosting a cost-effective hosting solution? 

When we discuss VPS Hosting as an affordable solution, we compare it with its other competitor hosting solutions: Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

Shared Hosting hosts your website on a shared server with multiple other websites. You must share the server’s resources with other websites hosted on the server. Unlike VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting doesn’t offer server isolation and root access.

However, it doesn’t mean Shared Hosting isn’t a reliable hosting solution. On the contrary, it’s perfect for small websites with minimal traffic and server requests. But the real problem arises when traffic increases and websites require much more bandwidth and hosting resources to handle the growing user demands.

In such situations, businesses can also opt for Dedicated Web Hosting. Dedicated Hosting is one of the most robust web hosting platforms that provide guaranteed hosting resources exclusively for one website. Hence, you get excellent performance, uptime, security, and control over your Hosting Server with Dedicated Hosting.

However, one downside of Dedicated Hosting is that it’s highly expensive—especially for websites that don’t have a special resource requirement. Hence, Dedicated Hosting is a viable option only for huge businesses and organizations that get thousands of daily website visitors.

VPS Hosting bridges the gap between Shared Web Hosting and Dedicated Web Hosting and acts as a perfect intermediary web hosting service. It offers server isolation, guaranteed resources, and server control—all excellent Dedicated Hosting features at a fraction of the cost. So while VPS Hosting costs more than Shared Hosting, it is inexpensive and cost-efficient compared to Dedicated Hosting.

As the Virtual Private Server is still part of a physical server, it distributes and shares the hosting costs between different tenants—while ensuring server isolation. This multitenant nature and customizability make VPS Hosting more cost-effective than other hosting solutions.

Here are some excellent benefits of VPS Hosting: 

  • Consistent performance: VPS Hosting offers a fixed allotment of hosting resources at your disposal. Thus, you’ll know exactly how fast your website will be at all times. You can easily add more resources to your website if you think it’s slower than usual. This seamless scalability allows VPS Hosting to deliver consistent and predictable performance.
  • Full root access: One of the biggest benefits of VPS Hosting is root or administrative access. It offers you complete control over your server’s settings and configurations. As your website is isolated from other websites, you can easily install third-party applications and software to enhance your website’s performance and security.
  • Uptime and security In Shared Hosting, if one website gets compromised, it extends the risk to other websites on the shared server—resulting in server attacks and downtimes. VPS Hosting eliminates this issue as each website gets its own Virtual Private Server—isolated from one another through Hypervisor. Thus, other websites’ security does not impact your website’s security, ensuring high reliability, security, and uptime.


VPS Hosting provides many advantages— server reliability, uptime, security, flexibility, and customizability for your website. However, the best part of this hosting solution is that it’s cost-effective and offers several outstanding features at a much more affordable price.

However, to make the most of your VPS Hosting plan, you need to choose it from the right web hosting provider. With SSD VPS Hosting plans by SISA HOST,  get high performance, full root access, an intuitive dashboard, and a lot more at a highly affordable price for your business. SISA HOST also provides Fully Managed VPS.


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