Difference Between Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting

Difference Between Shared and VPS Hosting | SISA HOST

The most important point that should be looked into while starting a website is hosting platform and resource requirements. It is very important, which kind of hosting you opt for the website. There are different kinds of hosting plans with different features; you should choose the one which is much suitable for the website. Hosting can be on a Shared environment / VPS environment.

What is Shared Hosting?

First of all, it is truly important to understand both types of web hosting. Let me start with shared web hosting first. What do you know about shared hosting? This type of hosting requires you to share one server with the other websites. When you’re sharing one server, you’re also sharing the server’s resources, storage, bandwidth, and so on.

When you’re comparing shared web hosting vs. VPS, always keep in your mind that using shared hosting is like renting a property. Renting one room in a shared house gives you a small area between bigger spaces. That’s how it works with shared hosting. You get one limited space for your own website between the other spaces for other websites.

Benefits of Shared Hosting:

  • It is a very good option, if you have limited number of blogs and small websites as it is easy to maintain.
  • It is economical.
  • Technical maintenance is not required.

Drawbacks of Shared Hosting:

  • It has of limited resources.
  • Resources allocated to the server are shared among all the websites.
  • There is a slight chance of your website getting affected, if any other site hosted on the same server has some malicious content. This can happen only if server doesn’t hold required security software.
  • If your website require any specific application or specific files then it may not be possible, as you need to go with resources allocated.

Since you only use a little space inside the ‘house’, you won’t pay a lot. Compared to another hosting type, shared hosting isn’t expensive at all. This hosting gives you benefits, yet, sometimes things may get a little cramped. Between shared hosting vs. VPS, which one is the best for your website. Shared hosting is actually for a website that has fixed content.

The price also makes it dedicated to hosting for personal websites such as startups and blogs. This doesn’t give you ironclad security, lots of features, and fast loading speed. Well, your personal site doesn’t need those features, does it?

What is VPS?

virtual private server is also known as VPS hosting is creating a virtual environment. This one imitates a dedicated server but within the shared environment. Go back to property renting illustration. Using virtual private server hosting is like renting an apartment. You’ll get more space, flexibility, and rooms. Well, the price you must pay is absolutely higher than renting one room in a house, isn’t it?

If the previous hosting belongs to personal sites, this one is ideal for online stores, bigger personal sites, and small business. More features are offered by this hosting, along with better performance and security. That’s why the price is higher compared to shared web hosting. Is it good for a small website? It is, but if only you’re about to grow the website.

If you really want to build a good website, you can invest in this virtual private server hosting. Well, if you still not sure about the right hosting for your website, you need to know major differences of shared hosting vs. VPS. Keep reading to figure them out.

Benefits of VPS Hosting:

  • Can opt for required space and bandwidth as per your requirement; and the resources opted are not shared with other customers websites/applications.
  • You can manage the VPS server, installed applications and services on your own.
  • As per your requirement, you can install and manage any third party applications.
  • You can have the backup at any point of time.

When should you upgrade Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting?
You can choose to upgrade from shared hosting to VPS hosting under following reasons:

  • If you wish to expand your business or want to start a big business. Planning to host more blogs and sites.
  • If you wish to have the whole control of the site and the server.
  • If you want dedicated resources allocated for your website or applications, but cannot afford the expense of your own server.

Shared Hosting vs. VPS Hosting – What’s the Difference ???

1. Hosting Price

The very first difference of shared hosting vs. VPS hosting is their pricing. Shared hosting truly is the cheapest option compared to any other hosting type. The virtual private server hosting requires you to spend more.

2. Features

Shared hosting is designed for tech novices and beginners with fewer features that won’t make the newbies feel confused. The VPS one is completed with features that also give you more control to customize your website.

3. Security

Since shared hosting doesn’t have good security, your website will get a bigger security risk. Unlike the shared one, VPS hosting provide excellent security for your website. There’s no need to worry about the security system anymore.

4. Resources

Resources in hosting are things such as memory and storage space. Shared hosting users will share the resources with some other websites on the same server. So if another website is using too many bandwidths, you and some other websites are going to suffer. VPS hosting users hold a bigger server hardware portion so you’re free to install more software and edit files on the server.

5. Performance

Users of VPS hosting get much more resources. The other websites are not going to affect the performance of your websites so you will be able to focus on things that are more important. Shared hosting users usually are affected by other users. If you don’t want to be bothered by other sites, VPS hosting is what you need.

6. Security Breach

Shared hosting usually is really safe. Yet, though the providers work hard to provide excellent security, other websites may be the danger. When the other websites make mistakes and have a security breach, the other sites on the same server become vulnerable. VPS is way more secure. You have control over your website security. Providers also provide better security features.

7. Speed

Your visitors don’t care about your website security or resources; they do care about the speed of your site. VPS hosting is outperforming the shared hosting. VPS hosting users get extra bandwidth. It is also well equipped to face the traffic spikes. If your site is a small personal site with small visitor volumes, shared hosting will be enough.

What about cloud hosting? This one is reliable since it doesn’t rely on hardware. If you’re going to need bigger resources, you will love this hosting. You can scale this hosting easily in order to meet the site’s needs. Besides, you won’t be limited to a single server’s physical constraints. Plus, cloud hosting is cost-efficient. Users pay only for the resources they use.

Where can you get website hosting? Hundreds of providers offer great website hosting but the best one is SISA HOST. But if you’re looking for your WordPress, so many types of hosting will be available. And for the users, there’s nothing better than using corporate hosting. Since everything today is digitized, you may want to go online and make your business rises to the cloud.

You absolutely need to pick the right hosting. Hopefully, once you’re done understanding the differences between shared hosting vs. VPS above, you’re ready to pick the right hosting for your website. Remember, you will need security for your website and your visitors deserve better performance. Opt for the best hosting that makes both you and your visitors happy.

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