PCIe NVMe SSD Drives Vs. Traditional SATA Spin Drives


If you are on a standard cPanel SATA Reseller Web Hosting and you have noticed it’s slow. This is because you are using a mechanical hard drive (spin drive), just like what’s inside your laptop right now, most likely. These old school spin drives spin at about 7200RPM and data is transferred via SATA connections. SATA hard drives where fine several years ago because the major search engines like google didn’t take into account the loading speed of your website when generating your position in the rankings. To get good search engine rankings (and of course to keep your visitors happy with fast loading speeds) you to need to have the fastest possible website and this is where state-of-the-art NVMe SSD Reseller Web Hosting comes in.

Why not go for Traditional SSD Drives?

SSD Hard Drives still use SATA connections to transfer data so even though you are getting a increase in speed by using SSD drives that connects to server using SATA, NVMe Drives that connects with PCIe ports provide much further gains. If your serious about speeding up your customer websites then choose the best possible storage space which is PCIe NVMe SSDDrives. PCIe NVMe SSD Drives are 2X Faster than Traditional SSD’s.

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