Nowadays, web hosting has become essential for running a successful business due to several reasons. A website (online platform) has become mandatory for every organization, especially for a business primarily focused on sales. Since most people are actively using numerous online platforms these days, organizations need to keep up with the virtual environment and a physical presence. VPS, or virtual private server, is one of the best web hosting solutions where individuals or businesses can host their websites.

An important question that arises after choosing a VPS hosting is whether to choose Linux or Windows VPS. You must remember that most businesses require different types or levels of hosting web resources. Windows and Linux VPS hosting offers different benefits and has many other differences. So, it would be best to consider your business requirements and which OS suits the most. If you want to save money in all ways you can go with cheap Linux VPS hosting.


One of the main differences between a Linux-based virtual private server and a Windows-based virtual private server is that Linux is open-source. In contrast, Microsoft’s Windows operating system (OS) is a commercial product.

  • Cost

Linux is an open-source program, and the applications built on the platform are licensed without charge. In comparison, Windows-based VPSs involve higher costs because the user has to pay fees for Microsoft’s services, such as hosting, upgrades, etc. Since Linux applications are free, its VPS hosting plans will cost less and are cost-effective compared to Windows VPS. So, if you are looking for cheap reliable VPS hosting, then Linux is the best choice.

  • Flexibility

Linux VPS hosting is more flexible than Windows-based servers because it allows for more customizations when using CMS and site management tools. Linux also supports a wider range of computing resources, making it easier to add extra processing power as needed. Even though you can use all the web server functionalities in Windows, the same as in Linux, you will find some limits with CMS and tools. To completely use server resources in Windows, you need to familiarise ASP, .NET, and Microsoft SQL Server.

If you desire to have more control over your server resources and would like to select the CMS and tools that best meet your needs, then using cheap Linux VPS hosting is preferable. It offers greater freedom in terms of software selection and makes easy adjustments when necessary changes arise.

  • Security

According to security experts, Windows is the most frequently attacked operating system than Linux. While hackers constantly attempt to break into Linux servers, they focus more on finding vulnerabilities within Windows systems. But Microsoft is concentrating more on making efforts to patch up these problems by providing advanced security features. Linux is a well-secured platform with an enthusiastic user community that constantly works to preserve its security features. So, despite having a smaller target on its back and the ability to address security issues quickly, Linux outperforms Windows in security comparison.

  • User interface

Windows adopts GUI – Graphical User Interface, which is more commonly used. Thus, it results in high user-friendliness, as most people are familiar with it. At the same time, Linux has a more complex SSH interface that most people do not know. Windows also excel at supporting ASP and ASP.NET applications, while Linux does not support them as well as MS Access or SQL Server.

  • Remote desktop access

Windows servers are equipped with a remote desktop access service, which allows administrators to access the system remotely. It comes in handy for managing servers; administrators can work from anywhere on the network as long as they have an active connection to the server. Remote access also allows them to shut down the system quickly during a crisis. On the other hand, Linux is not equipped with remote desktop features and is based on command-line interfaces.

  • Easy of use

Windows VPS hosting can only benefit those familiar with Microsoft platforms. In addition, you can find many challenges in Windows VPS hosting, even when operated carefully. A non-technical site owner may not be able to make well-informed decisions using a Windows server. Linux-based VPS hosting is ideal for website owners who want more control over their server resources. Managed services make it easy to maintain your site using the tools and settings you are accustomed to with shared hosting solutions. Additionally, this type of hosting allows you to use popular content management systems like WordPress


The primary difference between a Windows and Linux VPS is in their OS and servers (Windows and Linux servers). While considering small businesses, Linux VPS is more popular, but Windows VPS is preferred by most of all large organizations. If you are trying to choose the best VPS server hosting, then the primary thing you will have to consider is your requirements. It is because both Linux and Windows virtual private servers have their separate benefits, which will be more useful for the ones who need them the most.

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