How To Increase WordPress Loading Speed?

Increase WordPress Loading Speed

WordPress site speed is very important! Slowing down your loading speed can be the reason for losing customers or visitors to your site. Nowadays everyone is focusing to increase their WordPress loading speed. There are a lot of techniques to speed up your WordPress site. We are going to discuss those techniques below.

Why is it important to speed up your WordPress site?

If anyone visits your site to search for something important and, finds your site loading slow undoubtedly they will leave your site. To attract tour visitors to your site you just have a few seconds to catch their attention. But if your site takes a long time to load they will lose interest and look for another site.

It will hamper your SEO ranking also. Google doesn’t like slow-loading pages. So your site speed is very important to rank on SEO. Otherwise, you will lose your search engine rankings as well as your subscribers.

Microsoft Bing reports that if your site loads more than 2-second it will decrease your visitor satisfaction by 3.8% and 47% of users lose their interest in that website.

The most impatient users are online buyers. They wait just only a few seconds to load your page. So it is very important to speed up your WordPress eCommerce site. To make your eCommerce site profitable you have to take this step. It’s time to mention the steps to speed up your WordPress site

1.Choose a good Hosting Provider

To speed up your website you have to firstly choose a good website hosting provider. Good hosting will speed up your website loading. You will damage your site if you use shared hosting to save money. It will slow down your speed. So investing in good hosting will give you a lot of advantages.

Quality hosting will work well on your page loading. It will make your website work perfectly. There are a lot of good hosting providers. Recently web hosting companies update their technology service. You can purchase cloud server & web hosting from SISA HOST. It will give you a fast loading service.

2. Start With Lightweight Theme/Framework

WordPress themes are simple and speedy. If the theme carries a lot of elements it will make your web server immoderate. That’s why WordPress themes are best for use. It is the most lightweight theme. You can use Neve and it is also kind of similar to WordPress. These themes will not slow down your site. You will have a great experience with this them. For the quick loading framework, you can use Focus Theme Framework. You can easily customize this framework. It will never slow down your loading speed. Its simplicity is most attractive.

3. Effective Contagious Plugins

Effective features plugin is very important for your WordPress loading speed. WordPress plugins are convenient undoubtedly. It will increase your page loading. Also, you can use them easily and free on

W3 Total Cache is the most caching plugin on WordPress. It has a lot of effective features. Through this, you can add easily caching rules to your site elements. Simply active this plugin by installing it. It will make your page load quick.

4. Minimize Image Size

It is very important to reduce image size without damaging the quality. It will take a long time to optimize the image size using Photoshop or any other tools. There are some effective plugins available to optimize your image without taking a long time.

Some of them are: 

● WP Smush

● Optimole

● EWWW Image Optimizer

You can easily use them to decrease image size without doing any damage and also speed up your page load.

5. Use CDN ( content delivery network)

Through CDN your user can download all the files you obtain on your website like images, Javascript, CSS, etc. They can quickly serve the file on the server. Some CDN will help you to speed up your site-loading.

Max CDN and Cloudflare CDN are the most hyped CDN. you can also use StackPath Content Delivery Network for your site. Its dashboard is simple and you can buy it at a very reasonable price.There are also many techniques available to speed up your page loading.

Some of them are mentioned below: 

● You can optimize your homepage to load fastly

● You can enable GZIP compression

● Cleaning up the unwanted WordPress database

● You can also disable hotlinking and leaching of your content

● You can Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks

These are some effective steps to increase your WordPress loading speed. It’s very important to give attention to this side.


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